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Professional Counter-Strike Global Offensive streamers engage their audience with endless rampages, impossible kills, trick shots, thus making the viewers stick their eyes to the screen day and night. It is a perfect business for those who love computer games, but in reality, it is hard work with various tools and marketing. You don’t necessarily need to be the best player. In matter fact, incredibly many gamers caught using CSGO paid cheats on the live stream. Buy private CSGO cheats now and start earning from streams or build your rank quickly.

More than that, it’s definitely much safer to use non-public CS GO hacks rather than wide shared. Even if you don’t plan to start your own youtube or twitch channels and broadcast remarkable frags, it’s worth spending money to fool around with friends, show off for others, or regain rankings after a long time inactivity. We believe that cheating definitely could be used for good purposes, and there are so many ways we would be tired by naming them.

Paid CSGO cheats serves great purpose at catching other hackers. How, you may ask? Well isn’t it suspicious when someone keeps kicking your ass while you use the best premium hacks? And we e’ en not speaking about the safety.

Why It's Not Safe To Use Free CS GO Cheats?

Firstly you should ask yourself by whom these cheats were made? Is it a well-known company in the world? Or at least a significant Counter-Strike community contributors who publish their work online. No? Then you cannot say that free CSGO hacks are safe and even better than paid CSGO cheats. For sure, they can be infected and also here – at FPSHackers. We wouldn’t know because there are much-undetected malware and adware. The biggest hacking portals encounter the same problems. It’s only possible to remove malicious links or fix hack when users report the problem. While CS GO paid cheats are more trusted as the creators get their money sacrifice from buyers. Thus making the CSGO premium hacks clean and transparent.

CSGO Paid Cheats Features

Don’t worry – you don’t need to buy CS GO wallhack, aimbot, or other wanted hack separately. Our offer includes all these features, and more you can toggle unwanted cheat or cycle through many modes. You can also view the features at the official EZfrags video on this CS GO multihack. Here’s more features you get:

100% Undetected

Each copy is made individually to make every released hack version unique, and completely undetected.

No Visible Traits On Demo / Stream

Disable visible traits to look like you're playing without any help.

Endless Configuration Options

Customize every feature you need - crosshairs, colors, desktop, recording settings - everything is here.

How To Order Premium CSGO Hacks?

Buy private CSGO cheats in a matter of minutes from the original developer – EZFrags. They accept bitcoin, gift cards, and Steam items like skins and keys. If possible, we recommend using bitcoin transaction payments because you will get a 10% discount, and the order will be completed faster. If you’re not familiar with bitcoin or need help read, a simple guide how to pay with bitcoin. Otherwise, select other payment methods.

To put your order, firstly, you must have a license generator for Counter-Strike hack from EZfrags. It’s a free software to generate a unique license key for CSGO cheats. After you get the generator, generate a new key, and paste it in the order field along with your email address and credentials for your payment. After processing and approving the payment your order automatically gets in the queue. A compiled hack will be sent to your email address along with instructions.

Click the “Get now” button below to get redirected to the seller’s official CSGO hacks marketplace page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the price displayed for the CSGO premium hacks is permanent?

A: No, the price is per month. CSGO cheats maintenance requires a lot of resources. In addition, we need to work a lot to update the hack and keep it undetected.

Q: How do I know what to do after I receive the cheat in the email?

A: Your copy of a hack also comes alongside the manual instructions on how to prepare, and how to use it. If you have any questions afterward – check our article here at FPSHackers on how to use CS GO cheats.

Q: Can I test before buying?

A: Yes you can! Download our public csgo hack and set them up on your alternative account. That should be enough to test the main features and to know what it feels like to have such power!

Q: Do I have to order the latest version every time it’s released and pay for it, although I already bought the previous version?

A: No – you pay for your monthly (or lifetime) subscription, and we keep you up to date. The process is automated, you will receive the good stuff as soon as the new version comes out. We never forget our’s.

Have more questions regarding Counter Strike Global Offensive cheats? Send us a message via the contact us form.

What Cheaters Think About It?

I play at competitive matches with this and I gotta say it works flawless! More than 2 months experience and no complaints so far. I am not scared to use it on my main account anymore.


Anon Counter-Strike Global Offensive Player

So, what are you waiting for? Grab premium CSGO hack while it’s hot! Or download free cheats for the first time.

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