Wallhack for MAC OS

This Counter-Strike Global Offensive hack is a special edit with reduced features to make it lightier and less resource requiring hack. CS GO MAC Cheats often lag and crashes because of poor build, but our hacks works great and are fully compatible with any version of MAC operating system. Current CSGO Wallhack different from others due its lack of features and options.
This is full list of CS GO MAC Wallhack functions:

  • 3 modes of sight (regular).
  • Adjustable crosshair.
  • Displays pickups and players on radar.
  • Toggle glow.

Download this cheat from direct mirrors now, it does not cost nothing and has a great support. If wallhack is no more undetected we shut down downloads for a while, until hack update.

(MAC) Wallhack Download
CS GO Wallhack for MAC

CS GO Wallhack manual

Since MAC operating system has different software interface, to use wall hack you need to install it first. It is simple: if you already have the install file run it and complete the setup, otherwise click download link above. It must be installed on your CS:GO directory to run it correctly, but it may work by installing somewhere else.
Usage: to enable/disable or scroll trought the modes - click F1. To toggle glowing models and pickups use F2. To switch between WH crosshair menu press F3.
Don't forget that cheating may lead to account ban. To avoid this use fake account. There's no hack that guarantee it's undetectibility. Good luck!