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FPSHackers cheats is undetectable for all two official Counter-Strike Global Offensive anti-cheat plugins: Valve-Anti-Cheat (VAC) and SounrceMod Anti-Cheat (SMAC). Unlike the other portals we give all hacks to download for free. To get undetected CS GO Cheat pay attention at alerts on the downloads page. If there is a note that hack detected by VAC or SMAC do not download it and wait for a new download link. So far we have zero bans and zero detections.

Featured Counter Strike: Global Offensive cheats

CS GO Wallhack

CS GO Wallhack

Undetected CSGO Wallhack, that means it is not recognizable for Valve Anti Cheat (VAC). As soon as detected for anti-cheats software we will remove it operative and upload new one. Counter Strike Global Offensive Wall Hack features:

  • Absolute radar display.
  • Various sight modes for WH - five different schedules.
  • Customizable crosshairs.
  • Seize reaction advantage.
  • Toggle off flashbang and smoke grenade effects.
  • ESP vectors.
Download Wallhack

CS GO Aimbot

CS GO Aimbot

One of the most trustful cheats thoroughly developed functions, aim prototype, rage and other CSGO Aimbot features:

  • Removes spread and recoil for bullets.
  • ESP glowing models (CD Hack).
  • Removals (fog, smoke and flash).
  • Whitelist your friends.
  • 2D radar reveals enemy location.
  • Crosshairs on sniper weapons to improve aiming.
  • No shake while firing or reloading your guns.
Download Aimbot

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Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) cheat is fully undetectable for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive anti cheating machines because half of its features included by default in original game. Here are the full list:

  • 100% radar vision.
  • Auto aim & auto shoot settings.
  • Glowing weapons, tokens and models.
  • Enemy displayed as red box and has line dragged to it.
Download ESP

Multihack v8.70

Multihack v8.70
  • Triggerbot - autofire mode.
  • Aim assist - smooth and clear.
  • Aimlock - aim only clostest target to your crosshair.
  • ESP hack - glowing enemies and teammates, details about them, and wallhack.
  • Enemies on radar.
  • Auto bhop.
  • No flash and fog.

Alert! There is a new multihack version - v8.80. See Multihack v8.80 download.

Download Multihack v8.70
Legal Evil Legal Evil Multihack
  • Aimbot - Rage & Legit (FOV), supports rifles, pistols and snipers.
  • No spread.
  • Glow models - players & equipment.
  • Modelcolor for players and bomb.
  • Auto bhop.
  • 3rd person view.

And much more features for legal evil hack, click the link to read all.

Download the latest Legal Evil

How to use CS:GO Cheats menu?

Every hack have GUI designed menu. It is simple to toggle it with hidden hotkeys, but some CSGO Cheats has locked VIP settings wich is accessed only with a password. Luckily we have cracked them, and now all you got to do is to press the specified hotkey and you're inside!

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