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ESP Hack

ESP Hack for CS GO

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) hack is light and undetected. Secure from Valve-Anti-Cheat and overwatch. Mainly included in wallhack and aimbot, but can be used separately.

ESP hack features:

  • Guns, enemies and other tokens location on the radar (100% visible).
  • Auto aim & auto shoot settings (enable in aaa.cfg file).
  • Glowing weapons, tokens and models.
  • Enemy displayed as red box and has red vector dragged to it.
  • Display exact distance to enemie, his health and armor score.
  • Bullet damage in real time.
  • Close danger alert.

Download ESP Hack


How to use ESP Cheat?

Download ESP hack from given mirror and run setup file. After install start Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in windowed screen and launch the cheat. All features control available in configuration.ini file.

Buttons: Home – toggle menu, arrow up, down, right, or left – enable/disable feature. Delete – exit menu (via save).

Counter-Strike Global Offensive ESP Hack gameplay

CS GO Esp Hack
Extra Sensory Perception

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