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Legal Evil

Nowadays this hack became one of the main tool for the cheaters. Legal evil cheat is free to use and undetected on counter-strike global offensive. But users take all responsibility and we do not response if someone got banned by using this public hack. Use it wisely!

Legal Evil hack features:

  • Aimbot – Rage & Legit (FOV), supports rifles, pistols and snipers.
  • No spread.
  • Glow models – players & equipment.
  • Modelcolor for players and bomb.
  • Auto bhop.
  • 3rd person view.
  • Radar hack.
  • Full removals – flash, smoke & others.
  • Knifechanger.
  • Change skins for knives and weapons from settings.

Note: All instructions how to use this cheat is on “ReadMe.txt” file. Please open & read before using. Tutorial how to launch Legal Evil for the first time is written below.Download the latest Legal Evil Multihack


How to run Legal Evil on CS GO?

In order to run Legal Evil for the first time download .exe file and launch it.
Dialog window will appear. Complete few simple steps until it asks for directory.
Select your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive folder and click OK. Wait till setup finishes, run legalevil and your cs game. Enjoy!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Legal Evil Hack gallery

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