CS GO Multihack v8.70

This is legit public CS GO hack. There is no guarantee that multihack is still undetected, because many players use it in one time and VAC (Valve-Anti-Cheat) bans are delayed. Best to use on servers without overwatch like deathmach, demolition or arms race. Risky in competitive games!

CS:GO Multihack v8.70 features:

  • Triggerbot - autofire mode.
  • Aim assist - smooth and clear.
  • Aimlock - aim only clostest target to your crosshair.
  • ESP hack - gloving enemies and teammates, details about them, and wallhack.
  • Enemies on radar.
  • Auto bhop.
  • No flash and fog.

Note: This cheat is updated frequently by official developers to avoid detection. Follow our latest CS GO hacks uploads to get the latest undetected Multihack version right away after release.

Download Multihack v8.70
CS:GO Multihack

How to use Multihack for CSGO?

Multihack v8.70 is suitable for legit steamed CS GO patch so it won't work for non-steam.
  First step - launcher. To run it correctly, lauch .exe file to adjust all settings and configurations. Now, close the software and run it again after launching Counter-Strike Global Offensive.
  Second step - controls. It is used simply with keys. Space - auto bhop, left ALT - lock onto an enemy, F6 - toggle triggerbot, F7 - toggle aim assist, F8 - enable aimlock, F9 - ESP hack, F10 - disable flashbang and fog, Shift+F* key - edit mode configurations. Midle mouse button - triggerbot hold key.

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